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Alexander Eppler

Maker and restorer of fine wooden Boehm-system flutes, custom wooden headjoints, and all types of metal flutes.  I have played on Alex's headjoints for the past 30 years - there may be some as good - but certainly none better.


Mr. Leighton performs on Yamaha flutes, alto and bass flutes, piano and has been a Yamaha Performing Artist for over 10 years.

Pacific Coast Jazz

Bradley Leighton's music is produced and distributed by Pacific Coast Jazz.  Pacific Coast Jazz and That Other Label are world-class boutique record labels that provide traditional retail and digital international distribution services to musical and DVD projects of all genres.

Flying Musicians Association

Mr. Leighton is one of the founding members of the FMA.   In 2009, this organization was formed for pilots who are also musicians (or musicians who are also pilots) that welcomes all proficiency levels and musical genres. The skills required to play an instrument and fly an aircraft have marked similarities, from precision and multitasking to listening and fine motor skills. By educating others about these common attributes, we hope to further interest in both. The goal is to share our passions in order to inspire, educate, and encourage others by creating enthusiasm and promoting personal growth through aviation and music.