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Soul Collective - 2008

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Soul Collective, featuring Greg Adams, Tom Scott, Mic Gillette, Tom Braxton, Evan Marks & Jason Miles & introduces Paula Prophet. This album was nominated for "Best Jazz Album of the Year" by the San Diego Music Foundation.

Individuals coming together to produce soulful sounds. With this album we feature the flute in a variety of different ensemble settings. Each combination producing its own unique sound.

The resulting music is fresh and funky – with just enough old school greaze added to “keep that same old feeling alive and well.

The radio airplay has been going well today with Soul Collective high on the SmoothJazz.com inde chart and in the 30's on their main chart. We're told that radio stations are not picking up "unknown artists" at this time, especially in view of the changing atmosphere in radio. Saying this, "It's On" and "She's Gone" are being play by more than 35 stations nationwide. Click on the News tab on this website and get an updated list of those stations. A second single will be at radio in June. This time we'll take "Wake Up Call" and "Rock Me Softly." Check it out!

It's On! (Phillips)

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Cafe' Con Leche (Phillips)

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Wake Up Call (Phillips)

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She's Gone (Hall/Oates)

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That Man (Prophet)

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Ode To Billy Joe (Gentry)

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Rock Me Softly (Phillips)

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Undercover (Phillips)

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Keep That Same Old Feeling (Henderson)

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1. It's On! (Phillips) Buy it on

2. Café Con Leche (Phillips) Buy it on

3. Wake Up Call (Phillips) Buy it on

4. She's Gone (Hall/Oates) Buy it on

5. That Man (Prophet) Buy it on

6. Ode To Billy Joe (Gentry) Buy it on

7. Rock Me Softly(Phillips) Buy it on

8. Undercover (Phillips) Buy it on

9. Keep That Same Old Feeling (Henderson) Buy it on

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Bradley Leighton - Soul Collective



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