Groove Yard (digital download)

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Groove Yard (digital download)
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“I would describe his album, Groove Yard, as Straight-ahead jazz for the Smooth and Contemporary jazz set. His selections definately have the unmistakable energy and improvisation that marks it as Straightahead but is so warm and inviting that it would be appropriate to have it playing while you’re romanticising that special someone in your life”.  ~Derick Winterberg,

“What utter sensuous artistry!! What sublime tracks of flute mystique!!! This is a first for me to review the west coast craftsmanship of one Bradley Leighton, jazz flautist extraordinaire. The frosting is his choice to use some of the more hidden musical treasures of the great “Tom Jobim” which Bradley nails with total abandon and supreme melodic panache. This is a player who offers us his music, harmony, and melodies in a visceral, sophisticated, & ethereal manner. Yet his renderings are lyrical and traditional as well. No turbulence here…just a lovely cache of notes that are legato or sustained. Animated or dynamic”.  ~George W. Carroll, The Musicians Ombudsman –

Bradley Leighton’s debut album announces a talent engaged with the articulation of jubilant truths. Articulation is all. Happiness is at the heart of this enterprise. Here you’ll find no anxious searches for lost chords, no futile seeking after bop-inflected arpeggios. The prevailing musical truth crafted in Groove Yard (an apt summation of the whole) is uttered in perfectly phrased tones that romp across vamps, whoops, glides and beautifully-voiced rhythmic shouts that often whisper with lyric joy. Impossible as it is not to be impressed by such a daunting initial offering, it is equally difficult to avoid wondering how this remarkable inauguration took place. ~Jim Merod is Pro Sound and Music