Every Little Bit Hurts (digital download)

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Every Little Bit Hurts (digital download)
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“It’s a joy to hear such a beautiful sound and what a feel in the playing too! It’s superb. The jazz flute has such solace, a soothing effect. My favourites on this record are both versions of ‘Every little bit hurts’, the title track, with its bluesy touch. Great vocals by Paula Prophet; right on top! I also enjoyed ‘Lazy Morning’ and ‘Splabb’ with the syncopation and funky feel!”

~Dominic D’Cruz, Musician and Producer

“Leighton brings the magic of his flute into the heart of a listener with his wonderful repertoire, with this lovely EP. “Easy Greasy” is as the title suggests, a breezy, free flowing melody that just wraps itself around the mind and leaves behind a feeling of great well-being:-). “Lazy Morning” has a languid rhythm and is composed and rendered beautifully…the feeling of complete relaxation is instant. This is one of my favorite tracks of this album:-). I loved the tone of the flute in “Every Little Bit Hurts”, the orchestration is wonderful and greatly enhances the sheer majesty of this song:-). I also liked the vocal version of it very much with its emotional and pain-filled rendition. The imaginatively named “Splabb” is an exhibition of great improvisations of the flute and is highly addictive….loved it! “Touch” has great keyboards and is a seductive track with great ambient sounds and the effect it creates just begs the listener to give in to the lure of letting go and relaxing! This also is a great love track, very sensuous in its overall effect. This is an EP filled with delightful tracks that are remarkably produced and are a pleasure to listen to 🙂 🙂 🙂 .”

~Ricky Kej, Grammy Award Winner